TTrue to their name, the buyer’s agents help real estate buyers navigate the real estate market; they can also save you tons of time and money on the road to your new home.

A buyer’s agent will guide you through the home-buying transaction and be at your disposal for any questions or concerns,

Your home will likely be the greatest financial investment you’ll ever make, do you want to make that decision on your own? Give yourself every opportunity to come out on top by working with one of our agents today. As your buyer’s agent, we work on behalf of YOU, the buyer, through out the process of purchasing your home. This fiduciary relationship is established when the buyer and agent both sign a “Buyers Agreement.” This agreement goes into detail about the buyer’s agent’s duties to you, how they’ll get paid, the duration of the contract, and what their role will be throughout the process.


Damon Vaughn is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist and the author of the multi-million copy bestseller “The story of my life.”

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