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For Sale By Owner

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For Sale By Owner – Selling without an agent: 

Now, you might be asking yourself why would a couple of agents be giving some advice on selling your home without us? Well, quite honestly we see a lot of people making the same mistakes and we’d like to help change that. So let’s dive into this..

First thing, you need to figure out how to price your home:
One of the mistakes, if not the biggest mistakes sellers make is improperly pricing their home. They’re setting the price too high and wasting valuable time with the property sitting on the market. Or they’ve priced it too low and left money on the table.
So this is what you want to do to price your property properly.. We suggest finding three to six comparable homes, in regard to area, construction type and square footage. See if you can establish a price range: maybe finding a similar property on the low scale and another on the high scale to better determine a good price for your home.

Number 2: is marketing your property:
Having this tiny sign that reads “For sale by owner isn’t going to cut it.” At the very least you should have a sign comparable to what the real estate agents use. One ad on Craig’s list or similar site is not going to sell it either.  You need to work it like a real estate agent would do. Get a professional photographer to take great pictures, maybe shoot a video. Then edit them and get them out on multiple websites. Not just on the MLS, but on syndicated websites as well.

Number 3: Make sure your property is ready:
A huge mistake people make is putting their houses on the market before they’re “market ready.” And what I mean as ready as mowing the lawn, decluttering the house, fixing things that need to be fixed, rooms that could use some touching up, or areas that need to be completely painted. All these little things could turn off a buyer..

Number 4: Is deciding who will do the paperwork:
We’ve seen the process stalled because something was overlooked or done incorrectly.. The worst is when litigation is brought against the seller for grossly misrepresenting something they didn’t mean to. Something is said or even heard incorrectly by the buyer. So do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer.

Number 5: On the market for too long:
Don’t let your property get old and stale. If it’s been on the market between 3 to 6 months nobody cares anymore. Or worse, buyers talking you down in price because of the time its been on the market.. If this is happening to you, go hire a professional. You don’t necessarily have to hire us. You should know, statistically, For sell my owners generally get 14% less for their home than if they’d worked with a real estate agent. If you were to crunch the numbers you’d see by using a good agent, you’d be paid more for your home, while having someone else deal with the hassles.

Listen, if you have any questions regarding the selling your home, give us a call. We’ll not try to sell you on anything, just answer your questions.. Give us a call right now..

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