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Medford was settled in 1630 as part of Charlestown. The area was originally called “Mistick” by Thomas Dudley, which his party renamed “Meadford.” The name may have come from a description of the “meadow by the ford” in the Mystic River, or from two locations in England: the hamlet of Mayford, or Metford in Staffordshire near Caverswall, or from the parish of Maidford or Medford (now Towcester, Northamptonshire).

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In 1637, the first bridge (a toll bridge) across the Mystic River was built at the site of the present-day Cradock Bridge, which carries Main Street into Medford Square. It would be the only bridge across the Mystic until 1787, and as such became a major route for traffic coming into Boston from the north (though ferries and fords were also used). The bridge would be rebuilt in 1880 and 1909.

Until 1656, all of northern Medford was owned by former Governor Matthew Cradock, his heirs, or Edward Collins. Medford was governed as a “peculiar” or private plantation. As the land began to be divided among several people from different families, the new owners began to meet and make decisions locally, independently from the Charlestown town meeting. In 1684, the colonial legislature granted the ability to raise money independently, and in 1689, a representative to the legislature was chosen.

The land south of the Mystic River was known as “Mistick Field”. It was transferred from Charlestown to Medford in 1754. This grant also included the “Charlestown Wood Lots” (the Medford part of the Middlesex Fells), and part of what was at the time Woburn (now Winchester). Parts of Medford were transferred to Charlestown in 1811, Winchester in 1850 (“Upper Medford”), and Malden in 1879. Additional land was transferred to Medford from Malden (1817), and Everett (1875).  The population of Medford rapidly expanded over a relatively short period of time. In 1,800, their were 1,114 residents. After 1880, population grew exponentially, reaching 18,244 by 1900

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Medford’s Memorials

Medford MA Honor Roll Memorial

Medford’s Honor Roll Park

Located at 489 Winthrop St, Medford MA 02155. First dedicated in 2005 to the 10,902 Medford residents who served in World War II. In 2007 it was expanded to honor Medford residents who served in Korea (3,344) and Vietnam (2,730), Honor Roll Park will again expand to honor all Medford residents who served during our most recent conflicts.

Funding for the Park was provided by public/private partnerships and municipal funds in excess of $700,000. The ceremonies have honored and will continue to honor all of our veterans with a deep sense of respect for the sacrifice, dedication and courage displayed by their service in our military.

Medford’s Bigelow Block
The Bigelow Block is a historic commercial and residential building at the corner of Forest and Salem Streets in Medford, Massachusetts. The Victorian block was built in 1886 for the locally prominent Bigelow family; it is a four story brick building with sandstone trim, terra cotta plaques, and copper-clad turret at the corner. It occupies a prominent position in the center of Medford, and is one of few surviving 19th century commercial buildings in the city.

Located at 430 Salem St, Medford, MA 02155


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