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Made famous from the 2010 movie “The Town.” Starring Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner, the plot focuses on four lifelong friends that rob a bank. Charlestown was also featured in “Common Ground,” a Pulitzer Prize winning book by J. Anthony Lukas on how the busing of Boston school students affected three different families. The book later became a made-for-TV film, released in 1990. Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the electric telegraph and co-inventor of Morse Code, was born in Charlestown in 1791. NFL superstar turned TV analyst Howie Long was born there in 1960.

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Charlestown was founded in 1628, and settled on July 4, 1629 (a year before Boston) and technically was the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Originally called Mishawum by the Massachusett, it is the oldest neighborhood in Boston.  In the reign of Charles I of England, Charlestown was laid out by Thomas Graves, an engineer and early settler. It was originally a separate town and the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  On January 5, 1874, Charlestown was annexed by Boston, switching it from Middlesex County to Suffolk County.

The territory of Charlestown originally included what is now Melrose and Malden (both until 1649), Stoneham (until 1725), Somerville (until 1842), Medford, Everett, Woburn, Burlington, and parts of Arlington and Cambridge. In 1848, Charlestown became a city.  On June 17, 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill took place in the Charlestown Peninsula. Much of the battle took place on Breed’s Hill, which overlooked the harbor. Bunker Hill is near the northwest end of the peninsula, close to Charlestown Neck and about a mile from the Charles River. The town, including its wharves and dockyards, was destroyed by fire during the battle.


Charlestown Landmarks

Warren Tavern oldest Tavern in Massachusetts

Oldest tavern in Massachusetts

The Warren Tavern, located at 2 Pleasant Street was first erected in 1780 in Charlestown, MA. It was also one of the first buildings raised after Charlestown was sacked by the British.

The Warren Tavern is one of the most historic taverns in America. It is the oldest tavern in Massachusetts and was visited by many famous individuals. George Washington stopped there for refreshments and conversation. Paul Revere considered it one of his favorite watering holes.

The tavern is located on the cozy streets of Charlestown. It is both a staple for Charlestown residents as well as an exciting location for visitors who want drink and dine in the same place as our founding fathers.

Bunker Hill Monument
The 221-foot obelisk was dedicated and opened in 1843 to commemorate the June 1775 battle of the same name, the first major fight of the Revolutionary War. The colonists technically lost, but the British sustained so many casualties that Bunker Hill proved a wake-up call: This American affair would be no mere uprising. Visitors can climb all the way to the tip-top for some nice Charlestown views and then recover on the sloping law afterward.

Located at 31 Monument Square, Charlestown, MA 02129

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