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When it comes to selling a home, hiring a real estate agent can make a world of difference. A professional agent can negotiate the terms of your sale and get the best price possible for your house. A seller's emotions can get the best of them and cause them to overprice their home, which can hurt their bottom line. If you hire an agent to sell your property, the following are some of the benefits you can expect.

A seller real estate agent works exclusively for the seller. Unlike buyer's brokers, the latter has no duty to the buyer or the seller. A transaction broker will work for either party. A buyer's agent, on the other hand, works only for the buyer. The difference between a buyer's and a seller's agent is a matter of personal preference. Regardless of your choice, you will want a real estate agent who represents your interests and is committed to your success.

A seller's agent is also responsible for marketing your home. The listing agent will help you get the highest possible price for your property. A buyer's agent works for the seller. The listing agent works for the buyer. They will direct the buyer to professionals who will help the buyer with the paperwork and other aspects of the transaction. A buyer's agent will help with the negotiations from start to finish, as well as negotiate on your behalf and draft the purchase agreement.

A seller's real estate agent has a duty of loyalty to the seller. While a buyer's agent works exclusively for the buyer, the seller's agent works only for the seller. The transaction broker has no duty of loyalty to either party. A real estate agent is important in every aspect of the sale, and you should always hire an experienced real estate professional to handle the transaction. This will make the process easier and more productive.

A buyer's agent can assist the buyer in finding the best property for their needs. A seller's agent can help guide the buyer from start to finish. In addition to negotiating the contract, the agent will also help the buyer with the paperwork and the inspection of the property. It is important to remember that a seller's agent works for the interest of the seller and not for the buyer. A real estate agent can give valuable advice on staging the home and pricing it properly.

When the time comes to negotiate, the seller's real estate agent will provide the buyer with information and advice regarding the offers that come in. A buyer's agent will assist the buyer in obtaining the best price for their home. A seller's agent will also negotiate for the best price, but it is the seller's job to be realistic. Your realtor will also guide you through the process of drafting a purchase agreement.

What Our Customers Say

Patrick was friendly, and very easy to work with

Patrick Runne was recommended to us by business associates and fellow BNI members (our real estate lawyer and mortgage broker) when we were looking for an agent to sell our condo in Salem and purchase a new one in Gloucester. Patrick was friendly, and very easy to work with. He was a calming presence and was good at dissipating rather than creating anxiety, which is really saying something in this current, very crazy real-estate market. His experience, first -hand knowledge of the area and relationships with many of the local agents was incredibly helpful.

George Courage

She stepped up and got everything we needed

Our realtor, Jessica, was amazing! As a first time home buyer I had no idea how any of it worked but Jessica was great at simplifying it for us. She stepped up and got everything we needed when the other party was slow to respond and our mortgage company was a bit difficult. Jessica reassured us constantly that everything would work out and now we are so in love with our new home! She was there with us every step of the way and was excellent in communication. Couldn’t have gotten through this process without her!

Stephanie McAdam

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