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What to avoid when hiring a real estate agent

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Hiring a real estate agent: 
It may surprise you to learn that 69% of home sellers don’t go back with their past real estate agent to do another transaction.. Some of the top reasons,
– Poor communication
– Selling price or speed of sale was unrealistic
– The agent wasn’t experienced or experienced in certain matters, and
– The agent wasted a lot of time showing the house to unqualified people

One of the biggest complaint was the agent didn’t do enough to make the sale. They didn’t advertise, didn’t have a pro-active approach to selling. The agent basically stuck a sign on the lawn and places it on the MLS.

The DNA difference:
One of the biggest misunderstanding about real estate agents is that we’re all the same. Nothing can be further from the truth. In every field there are exceptional people. Doctors, lawyers, and business people that excel and are truly passionate about what they do.

We are driven to do the best possible job for our clients. Our business was built on listening and learning from our clients, mastering the real estate industry, and becoming savvy with online tools to further our reach. The DNA difference is that we’re commitment to constantly improving the way we do things.

The DNA’s success story: 
You might be asking yourself how does DNA’s success benefit me? Well, our successes stem from taking on the perspective of a client.. If we were selling or buying a house, how would we like to be treated? It’s this approach that’s helped us become great at what we do.

So our success means YOUR success. Our experience translates to a quicker sale, usually getting the asking price, and with less hassles because we know what to avoid.

DNA’s promise to you:
At the end of the day, Arthur and I are about helping people. If you have a questions about buying or selling a house, give us a call right now.. We’ll answer your questions with no obligation..

If you decide to work with us, our promise to you is pro-actively work FOR you. We’ll use all of our knowledge and the tools at our disposal to make the buying or selling of your home an easy transaction.

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